Podcast Appearances

Podcast Appearances

An archive of all of the appearances and conversations I've had on other podcasts since starting Craftsman Creative:

(If you haven't yet, be sure to check out the 10k Creator Show I did with my friend Joe Pulizzi!)

Louis & Kyle Show | 1.13.23

The Path to $10k Per Month As A Creative Entrepreneur

Make It Easy For People To Give Your Money w/ Michael Mollenhauer | 11&12.22

Part 1

Part 2

The Business Storytelling Podcast w/ Christoph Trappe | 11.26.22

How creators can be profitable with their content

Creative Elements w/ Jay Clouse | 11.10.22

A bonus episode pulled from the 10k Creator show where Jay was a guest

The Ambitious Filmmaker | 10.28.22

How to successfully grow & run a video/film business

The Clueless Entrepreneur Podcast | 9.8.22

How to create your first online course

Build Your Thing w/ Matt Giaro | 7.12.22

How to think like a six-figure creator

Grow Your Video Business w/ Ryan Koral | 7.4.22

How to shift your mindset from filmmaker to business owner

Content Creators Library w/ Jeff Parker | 5.27.22

How to build a course your audience will actually buy

Writer on the Side w/ Hassan Osman | 4.13.22

How to create online courses that sell

Shut Up & Grind w/ Robert B. Foster | 1.18.22

The three personas every business needs

The Future of Tech w/ Ryan Ray | 12.29.21

Talking about Craftsman Creative

Talks with Sara No Socks | 10.8.21

Talking about Craftsman Creative and the (then) upcoming book