The Society Of Independent Creators

The Society Of Independent Creators
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The community that helps you master your creative life and business


You feel like you’re doing everything right, yet still aren’t seeing the results you want in your life and business. You’ve taken courses, attended seminars, and done the work, yet there’s still something missing.

You know what you’re after, you just haven’t cracked how to get it.

So you hopped on Twitter and followed a bunch of self-proclaimed experts, joined a bunch of Discords, took some courses, and read a ton of blog posts to try and discover why the heck this isn’t working.

We’ve all been there.

Success is 80% mindset, and only 20% skills and strategies

The Society of Independent Creators is an online community that understands, reinforces, and lives by this principle.

Together, we help each other grow and succeed in designing the creative life and business you’ve always wanted.

Let’s trade all of that frustration and discouragement for contribution and growth.

Welcome. We’re glad you’re here.

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  • lack of accountability
  • unclear about how to grow your business
  • feeling insignificant and not good enough
  • fear of failing if you try something else new
  • uncertainty around where to put your focus
  • not making enough to provide for the life you want
  • not having anyone who can help show you the path to take
  • frustrated by those you see online who have “figured it out”
  • creating alone, at home, because of the pandemic or otherwise
  • not enough time to create or relax or travel or be with friends and family
  • no clear systems for marketing, sales, finances, audience building, or growth
  • saying yes to clients and customers you’d prefer not to work with to make enough money
  • trapped in a job that decides how much you make, when you work, who you work with, and what you work on

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When you become a member of the Society of Independent Creators, you join a group of dedicated, driven creators who are committing to show up, do the work, help and support one another, and who are on the same journey you’re on.

You’ll find the guidance, education, resources, connections, and accountability you need to succeed in every part of your business and creative life.


  • Digital copies of the Craftsman Creative book
  • Access to the members-only community on Circle
  • Early access to events, products, and opportunities
  • Weekly check-ins to connect with and meet other members
  • Access to the library of training and education from Craftsman Creative
  • Monthly workshops on specific topics to help you grow your creative business, and access to the archive of all past workshops
  • A pass to the 10k Creator Challenge each year
  • 12 months of support from the community to help you reach your revenue and audience growth goals
  • Complimentary access to any future projects released inside the community
  • Locked-in pricing at the tier you sign up for

All of these resources are designed to give you a clearer understanding of how to grow your creative business and design the life you want for yourself.

Joining and participating in the Society of Independent Creators will help you feel fulfilled, accomplished, and to have an impact on the world around you with your work.

Why This Society, and why now?

(A message from Daren Smith, founder of Craftsman Creative)

Over a 16+ career as a professional creator, I struggled for more than a decade to “figure this stuff out”. I started businesses in the music, film and video, social media, and content media industries. I about gave up in 2017 when a business that I helped run for years failed miserably. I’d gone in debt to try and keep it afloat, but no matter how many courses or coaches or products I paid for, nothing worked.

I learned that success isn’t about the tools or strategies. It’s about mindset.

That principle was proven when I left that business and then grew my freelance producing to a six-figure income, and grew my income in each of the next three years.

When the pandemic hit, I started Craftsman Creative, and then another business during the summer of 2020, both of them to help teach creators the things I’d learned that finally worked. Not strategies or tactics, but principles and frameworks that could apply to any creator, not just a film producer like myself.

My passion is helping creators do what they love and make a great living doing it. I hated seeing all of my musician and filmmaker and photographer friends struggle over the last few years, and set out to help them. First individually with coaching and mentoring, then through courses and content. I finally committed to making this a bigger part of my career by writing a book and setting up this community.

While you get access to me, it’s not the main reason to join. I hope people become a member because they want the same outcomes - to create for a living and help inspire and support others who want to do the same.

This community is what I wish social media was like. It’s about depth, not breadth. There are no popularity or vanity metrics in the community, so you’re only as valuable as you want to be through showing up, contributing, supporting, and participating.

Doing so will help build the most impactful community of creators that exists anywhere. I hope you’ll join us.

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Join the Society of Independent Creators

Click on the button below to sign up.

When you sign up, you get a complimentary copy of the Craftsman Creative book, which you should read so that you understand the principles and frameworks we’ll use and support each other within the community.

You also get to participate in the 10k Challenge as part of your membership.

Head to the community, introduce yourself and start meeting others there and find ways that you can help.

This is a give, then ask, community.

Show up and contribute and find ways to help others reach their goals, and they’ll reciprocate when you need help as well. If all you do is ask ask ask, it doesn’t work.

The Society is curated and limited access. There will only ever be 1,000 members at most, and the earlier you join the greater the upside - as it should be.

Early Access Membership: $50/year (Ends April 12, 2022)

Early Access to 10k Creator Challenge + Community: $199/year

Current: December 1, 2022: $495/year

December 2023 or after 100 new members: $595/year

December 2024 or after 100 new members: $695/year


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