Craftsman Creative Book | Early Access

Get early access to the Craftsman Creative book and the new Society of Independent Creators coming in 2022
Craftsman Creative Book | Early Access
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Every single freelancer out there really needs to read this book. It’s filled with practical, actionable material.

~ Greg Brown, Yellow Barn Creative

The first draft of the book is finished! the working title is The Craftsman Creative - How five-figure creators can build six-figure businesses.

Here's what that means for you:

You can read the first draft of the book here on the blog for free, forever.

If you're reading this page, you're early. And I want to thank you (*cough* reward you) for being early.

Over the last three months as I've been writing the book there are hundreds of people who have read chapters, joined the email list, and have given me priceless feedback. That feedback is already being incorporated into the next draft of the book!

I believe that the earliest fans and supporters should get the biggest upside, so that's why I'm opening up a limited amount of early access to the book.

You'll want early access if...

If you're a creator who's been making five figures a year for any amount of time and desire to build a six-figure business, you're the person I wrote this book for.

There are many ways you could do this - you could read books, take courses, join workshops, attend conferences, hire a coach, and rub that lucky rabbit's foot that you've had since 4th grade.

Some of those are more effective than others.

But there's one method that trumps them all, and it's "calling the destination and asking for directions." (h/t to Derek Sivers for that wonderful phrase).

If you want to make six-figures from your creative work next year, learn directly from someone who's already done it and is willing to give you directions.

(Picture me waving at you in a friendly - not creepy - way)

The best way to get the most from everything I'll be sharing in the next year, the book included, is through early access...

Here's what you get with early access:

  • Early access to the manuscript in January to read it before it’s launched and give feedback using the site helpthisbook.
  • A signed hardback of the book ($50 value) - these will not be sold after the book is released. You'll be able to buy a hardback, but it won't be signed.
  • All digital copies of the book ($20 value) - pdf, .epub, .mobi, and audiobook mp3s
  • 1-year membership to the Society of Independent Creators ($199 value), a new community I’m launching simultaneously with the book
  • A complimentary 1-hour creative strategy call ($250 value) to talk about growing your business, your creative projects, your creator mindset, anything that’s covered in the book

Yes, I'm truly offering over $500 in value to the earliest people for 90% off.

There will be other bonuses that I can't announce yet, and you'll get all of them as part of your early access purchase.

Early access is limited to 50 people and ends on April 12, 2022 (whichever comes first).

Early access has ended - get the book at